Leading Education’s Residential Programmes

Live and study in the University of Oxford or a top UK Boarding School.
Build the foundations towards top university success.

Proven Academic Success

Our online Oxbridge consultancy arm helped over 1600 students last year.

Taught by Oxbridge Tutors

Tutors that help year round with our students university applications and teaching on our residential programmes.

Small Tutorial Groups

Benefit from the world-famous Oxbridge system of small, intensive study groups.

Not Just for Summer

Year-round academic online learning is included with every residential summer programme.

University Subject Exploration

Our University Subject Exploration programme allows students to explore multiple subjects within a particular academic area. Students can choose from one of three academic schools per fortnight: STEM, Medical Sciences or Humanities. Within each school they will study 4 degree-level subjects across 2 weeks. 

Download a sample timetable here!

EPQ Boot Camp

Our students can gain a qualification worth half an A-level in just a few weeks. The Extended Project Qualification requires students to conduct independent research on a topic of their own choosing, resulting in a 5,000 word essay. The EPQ is particularly valued by Oxbridge and makes great content for both Personal Statements and interview questions.

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English Summer Immersion

Because of Plumpton’s college amazing state-of-the-art facilities, English Summer Immersion allows students to experience a wide range of unique summer activities alongside and intensive and interactive English language academic programme.

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Easter Revision Programme

Want to make the most of your Easter holidays? Join our residential programme and get everything you need to achieve the exam results you need. Our combination of exam techniques, outstanding tutors and a course-designer with a track record gives us a winning trio to enable your exam success. We are so confident we even have a money back guarantee.

Download a sample timetable here!

Meet the Team:
Expert EPQ Academic Team

The EPQ programme is taught by tutors who come from exceptional academic backgrounds.


BA from Oxford University in PPE.
First-class results in Economics.
Professional full-time tutor.
Specialist in economics and TSA support.


Undergrad, Master’s and PhD in Engineering from Cambridge.
Research funded by Rolls-Royce and EPSRC.
Eleven years of tutoring experience.


MB BChir, Medicine and Surgery at Cambridge University.
Double first-class degree in tripos.
Highly sought-after medicine tutor, specialist in BMAT support.


MChem from Oxford University.
PhD from Manchester University.
Helped 12 students successfully apply to Oxbridge.
Awarded Domus prize.

Location One: Plumpton College

Higher Education College at the foot of the beautiful South Downs

In the heart of the English countryside, Plumpton College’s state-of-the-art facilities are different to a ‘regular’ boarding school.

These will all be accessible to students on summer programmes in this location. Facilities include E-sports classrooms for evening activities, an Agri-Food Hub where students can experience farm to table for themselves, an Animal Care Centre and Water Sports Facilities

This is the perfect location for students looking for an action-packed and academic summer experience.

Courses Offered 
English Summer Immersion
(2-4 weeks from 25th June to 30th July)

Location Two: Linacre College, Oxford University

Oxford University Graduate College in the centre of the historic city

Linacre College is a graduate college with a campus next to the famous university parks and within a few minutes’ walk of the famous city centre sites. Linacre College was founded in 1962 but the main buildings date back to 1886 with new accommodation blocks on the same, enclosed and secure site.

Great for students looking to explore the historic city and decide is study in a UK university is right for them.

Courses Offered 
(2-4 weeks from 30th June to 28th July)
University Subject Exploration
(2-4 weeks from 30th June to 28th July)

Location Three: Wells Cathedral School

One of the oldest boarding schools in the world 

Wells Cathedral School is located in the beautiful city of Wells, Somerset. The school is one of the oldest in the world dating back to 909 AD. It has a fantastic reputation as a music specialist school. Easter revision students will stay in one of two boarding houses – one of which is the oldest residential street in Europe.

Great for students looking for a full support system and a relaxing place to stay in the run up to their end of year exams.

Courses Offered
Easter Revision Programme
(1-3 weeks from 31st March-19th April)

How to Apply

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Leading Education will send a confirmation email within two working days of receiving the form. The confirmation email will include details of how to pay the non-refundable deposit of £650.

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Easter Brochure

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