Interview Preparation

Extensive 1:1 preparation for the final - and most important - stage of the application process. Learn how to best display the knowledge and skills developed during the entire process.

Extensive preparation & mock interviews to maximise success

Interviews are the final, and most important part of the application process for all Oxford and Cambridge applications, as well as most courses at Imperial and UCL, plus key vocational courses – such as medicine and dentistry – at most leading UK universities.

It is your best chance to make a positive impression on admissions tutors. They do not expect you to know the answer to every question, but they do expect to see how you develop ideas based on your wider subject knowledge. This programme provides structured approaches to common questions and tasks across all subject areas.

Learn how best to display your passion and knowledge of your chosen subject, and expand on the hard work done on your personal statement and admission tests.

Mock Interviews

Tutors will conduct as many mock interviews as required until you feel comfortable in an intensive interview environment

Develop Ideas

Learn how to draw out the key ideas and thinking used in your personal statement – critique, challenge and explore new ideas on the spot


Work with your tutor to learn how to present yourself in an impressive academic manner in 1:1 conversations with a subject expert

Agile Thinking

As well as expanding on your own interests and reading, learn how to react to new ideas and unseen texts that may be used by interviewers

Typical Student Profile

Very few students have undergone an interview of any kind. If invited, intensive preparation is vital for success.

Who is this programme for?

  1. Students who have decided which subject they want to study at university
  2. Any student applying to any UK university who needs to submit a personal statement
  3. Anyone who wants to expand both breadth and depth of knowledge in this subject area

Why should I take it?

  1. Prepare for your university interview
  2. Develop content for an outstanding Personal Statement
  3. Demonstrate self-motivation and a real passion for your chosen subjust

When should I take it?

Immediately after receiving an invitation to attend an interview!

Which other courses should I consider?

Interview Practice is typically the final programme of the University Application courses. However, when you're successful, we can still support with subject tuition and monthly check ins to ensure you achieve the required grades to confirm your place at a top UK university

Course Benefits

Data & Feedback

Leading Education's academic team are constantly reviewing trends and data from interviews, and we constantly update our syllabus to remain completely up-to-date


If you have completed Knowledge Building and other courses with us, our world-class tutors will continue building on the same ideas and interests previously covered

Actual Questions

Conduct mock interviews with actual questions from previous interviews, as advised by admissions tutors from Oxbridge and medical schools

Expert Tutors

All our tutors have succeeded in an application interview. It is a unique experience and only possible to truly coach having actually undergone an interview

I have also done 20 periods of mock interview with Leading Education. They provided me with lots of experiences about how to deal with some hard questions in a relatively tense situation. Therefore, I was kind of relaxed and feeling confident in the real interview, which gave me more chance to show the best understanding of the course.


Designed by expert admissions

Our courses have been developed by our core team of world-class educationalists, who have spent years studying the Oxbridge application process, led by CEO Kieran Hammond.

Ana L

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Michael C

The Queens College, Oxford

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Imperial College London

George A

Mathematics and Computer Science
Christ Church College, Oxford

About Kieran Hammond

Kieran Hammond is the co-founder of Leading Education and holds a BA and MA (Cantab) from Cambridge University. Over the course of 10 years, he has been helped over 500 students with their Oxbridge/Medicine applications.

Kieran started his career as Head of University Applications at Cardiff Sixth Form College, which at the time had been the UK’s No.1 ranked school in terms of A*-A A-level results for 6 years running.