Access Programme

Support for applications to Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and other top universities, as well as medical schools. Our 20-hour programme is free of charge. In return successful applicants provide support for future candidates - previous generations help new ones!

Knowledge Building

Top universities expect students to be able to demonstrate knowledge of their subject far beyond what they have learned in school.

We will help you develop this through a world-class course covering important texts, ideas, and problems in your subject, allowing you to stand out from the crowd with a level of knowledge that would rival most undergraduates!

Personal Statement

We will help you select and develop complex and thought-provoking topics for your personal statement. This will ensure that you have demonstrated the necessary knowledge of your subject, but also crucial skills such as analysis, critical thinking, and the development of original ideas.

We will help you produce multiple drafts, offering you sentence-level critiques and suggestions, thus helping you refine your ideas to an exceptional standard.

Admissions Tests

Admissions tests for Oxford, Imperial and the medical schools are designed to be difficult. We will help you master the techniques, skills and practices you need to achieve a high score.

On average, students improve their scores by 21% through our training, significantly increasing their chances of being invited to interview and, ultimately, being made an offer.


Through our interview skills training, you will gain unique insights into how Oxbridge assesses interviews, as well as tips on thinking skills, verbal communication and mental models for answering different types of questions.

Mock-interviews will give you the opportunity to put this advice into practice, developing and honing the skills needed to maximise your chances of success.

Programme Benefits

Bespoke Tuition

Receive highly personalised support with detailed feedback on how to improve.

Former Oxbridge Professor Lectures

Attend talks from former Oxbridge admissions interviewers, providing key insights into what Oxbridge are really looking for.

Advice from Senior Consultants

Get strategic consultations from consultants who have over five years of experience in forming successful Oxbridge applications.

Small-group Classes

Receive lessons in small-group classes to learn and develop your knowledge alongside other students in a similar position to you.

Who is eligible?

Students will be considered if they fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

• They qualify or have ever qualified for free school meals
• They receive any other form of government financial aid
• Neither of their parents attended university
• Their school has sent less than five students to Oxbridge in the past 3 years
• They are in care or are themselves a young carer
• They are from a minority group underrepresented in university education

In addition, students will need at least four GCSEs at Grade 7
or higher, OR a grade 9 in the subject they are applying for!

There will also be a 90 minute admissions test as part of the application process.


independent schools in London send more students to Oxbridge than all 4000 comprehensive schools combined!

Programme Timeline

Current Year 12 students will receive 20 hours of support, covering every part of the Oxbridge admissions process.

Students will be accepted onto the programme on a rolling basis, but places are limited so apply as soon as possible! The programme will start from April, carry on throughout the summer and conclude after Oxbridge interviews take place in December.

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Knowledge Building




Admissions Tests




Personal Statement








6 months+

programme, giving students the time to develop the skills necessary to succeed!

Success Stories


Offer for History 2021 Entry


Offer for Geography 2021 Entry


Offer for Engineering 2021 Entry

Our Results

In 2021, we selected 110 students take part in the Oxbridge Access programme, a number that we are looking to increase to 150 for this coming application cycle.

University Destinations 2021

The average admissions rate for subjects taken by our 2020 cohort.
The admissions rate for the LE Access programme 2020
Of students applying for Medicine got an offer to study at a UK medical school.

University Offers 2021

Imperial, UCL, LSE
Medical School
Russell Group



of students would recommend the Access Programme

Average Admissions Test Scores Over Time With Our Help

Applying for 2024

Interested in applying for the Leading Education Access Programme 2024? Please email [email protected] for more information.

The deadline for applying for this year’s programme is 31 March 2024.