Competition Support

Work with Leading Education tutors to maximise chances of succeeding in local, national, or global academic competitions

Work with competition winning tutors to develop a perfect entry

Participation (and success) in academic competitions is very highly regarded by admissions tutors. They will improve your personal statement, and likely be discussed at interview. Leading Education tutors – who will have succeeded in the very same competitions – will work with you on essay submissions, presentation preparation, debate techniques, and anything else that give students an edge.

Some of the most popular competitions include STEM Olympiads, debates, international essay competitions and Model UNs, requiring strong presentation skills. Leading Education can support students with preparing for events, or help students before submission deadlines, ensuring the best possible results.

Please note that Leading Education cannot and will not write any essay for students. Academic support sessions help students with ideation and further areas to explore.

Essay competitions

Our tutors will never write essays for students, but we can offer advice around structure and academic writing skills


The British Mathematical Olympiad is the oldest of the International Science Olympiads held across the world, and consists of very challenging questions across many mathematical disciplines


The World Scholar’s Cup is a multi-disciplinary academic event for teams, requiring the most intelligent students to not only display their knowledge and creativity, but also work successfully as part of a team.


There are many high-level debating championships across the world for school and university students. They require the same agility of thinking and presentation skills valued by admissions tutors in interviews.

Typical Student Profile

Literally any student can receive help from Leading Education to support any work on academic competitions!

Who is this programme for?

  1. Students who want to stand out from the crowd in the university application process
  2. Students needing help with skills such as debating or public speaking
  3. Students who are prepared to put in the hard work - tutors will advise, encourage, and challenge but they will not do the work for you!

Why should I take it?

  1. Work with tutors who have competed in, and often won the very same competitions
  2. Provide great content for your Personal Statement
  3. Demonstrate self-motivation and a real passion for an academic area

When should I take it?

Any time. You probably don't want it to interfere with exams or interview preparation, but students of any age can request assistance at any time

Other relevant courses?

This is very much a standalone programme, with a clear outcome and goal - winning an award! However, it fits nicely with work on personal statements and interview preparation

This programme is so extensive, I was provided with such detailed instruction and help on how to best sharpen my economic ability. My recommendation would be, if somebody really wants Oxbridge, this programme is the way to leave no stone left unturned; to have no regrets about not doing everything possible to submit the best possible application a candidate can.


Designed by expert admissions

Our courses have been developed by our team of world-class educationalists, who have spent years studying the Oxbridge application process, led by CEO Kieran Hammond.

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Christ Church College, Oxford

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Trinity College, Cambridge

About Kieran Hammond

Kieran Hammond is the co-founder of Leading Education and holds a BA and MA (Cantab) from Cambridge University. Over the course of 10 years, he has been helped over 500 students with their Oxbridge/Medicine applications.

Kieran started his career as Head of University Applications at Cardiff Sixth Form College, which at the time had been the UK’s No.1 ranked school in terms of A*-A A-level results for 6 years running.