Bespoke 1:1
Application Support

Our personalised, 1:1 approach will enable you to create an application that truly reflects your uniqueness and demonstrates the independent thinking skills that Oxford and Cambridge are looking for.

Knowledge Building

Top universities expect students to be able to demonstrate knowledge of their subject far beyond what they have learned in school.

Our tutors will help you develop this through a world-class course covering important texts, ideas, and problems in your subject, allowing you to stand out from the crowd with a level of knowledge that would rival most undergraduates!

Personal Statement

Our tutors will help you select and develop complex and thought-provoking topics for your personal statement. This will ensure that you demonstrate the necessary knowledge of your subject, but also crucial skills such as analysis, critical thinking, and the development of original ideas.

We will help you produce multiple drafts, offering you sentence-level critiques and suggestions, thus helping you refine your ideas to an exceptional standard.

Admissions Tests

Admissions tests for Oxford, Imperial and the Medical schools are designed to be difficult. We will help you master the techniques, skills and practices you need to achieve a high score.

On average, students improve their scores by 21% through our training, significantly increasing their chances of being invited to interview and, ultimately, being made an offer.


Through our interview skills training, you will gain unique insights into how Oxbridge assesses interviews, as well as tips on body language, thinking skills, verbal communication and mental models for answering different types of questions.

Mock-interviews will give you the opportunity to put this advice into practice, developing and honing the skills needed to maximise your chances of success.

Highly personalized, evidence-based support

At Leading Education, we like to treat university applications as both an art and a science.

The “artists” are our Senior Consultants, who have overseen thousands of applications over many years, and who have developed the crucial and subtle skill of finding and bringing out the unique strengths and distinguishing interests of a candidate, and using that as the basis to strategically build an exceptional application.

As well as the art, our advice is underpinned by science: a staggering amount of ongoing data-driven research into the world of admissions at UK universities. Taking into account multiple variables over many years, we crunch the numbers and help you make the key decisions – both big and small – that will statistically increase your chances of success.


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since our inception in 2017.

Unrivalled Application Support

So much more than just tuition - every form of support that we provide has been carefully designed to maximise your chances of success!

Comprehensive Materials

From reading lists to exemplar personal statements and admissions test practice papers; you will be provided with a wealth of resources to help build your application.

Bespoke Study Plan

A world expert will devise a tailored curriculum and self-study plan for you, informed by our experience helping thousands of students with their applications.

Progress Meetings

An experienced Consultant will personally oversee your application and regularly meet with you to ensure you are on track for success.

Tuition Reports

After each programme, you will receive a tuition report with a detailed analysis of your performance and suggestions for how to improve.

Access Lecture Series 2022

We recognise that most students in UK comprehensive schools are unable to afford private admissions support from companies such as ours. Therefore, we are giving students from non-fee-paying backgrounds the option to take advantage of our services without cost.

The format of the year’s Oxbridge Access Programme will be different to that which has been offered in previous years, where students received a more selective, personalised programme and were required to tutor other students in future years if they were successful. This year, we will be providing a 4-part lecture series free of charge with no expectation of anything in return. Next year, we intend to return to the model that we ran in the past.

All Year 12 students that apply will be admitted. To register please follow the link below:


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Our Tutors

Unlike other companies, 90% of our tutors have already graduated from Cambridge or Oxford, providing an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience.

Tommy P

Christ Church College, Oxford

Robert A

Economics and Management
Worcester College, Oxford

Michael M

Medical Sciences
Green Templeton , Oxford

Tom D

Clare College, Cambridge

Priya S

St. Cross College, Oxford

Juliette P

Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Somerville College, Oxford

Soraya G

Land Economy
Trinity Hall, Cambridge

James B

Oriel College, Oxford

Success Story in Focus

Sylvia reapplied with Leading Education, having failed to get into Cambridge the first time around by herself. We devised a bespoke plan for her to target her weaknesses, focusing on NSAA Section 2 and applied Maths questions for her interview. We were delighted to hear in January 2020 that she had been accepted by Clare College for Natural Sciences!

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