A-Level Booster

Having done all the hard work with your university application, you need to make sure you achieve the grades required for the offer. Leading Education can provide expert tuition in any subject to maximise your chances of success

Boost your A-Level / IB Grades with Oxbridge Tutors

Students that take 10 hours of tuition with Leading Education have been shown to increase their scores by 0.76 grades (e.g. B to A equals 1 grade).

The very same tutors who will guide you through the UK application process are also available to help you with your exams at A-Level or IB. They have achieved top grades in the subject and our academic team will work with them to develop personalised study plans which will progress alongside your classroom learning in your school.

As well as specific curriculum knowledge, we will help you develop essential exam skills and work through a range of past papers, looking critically at how best to maximise your time and effort in both revising and in actually taking the exam.


IB Support

Leading Education can support tuition in and revision for all main exam bodies, including the International Baccalaureate. We can also consider global examination bodies, including the US systems.

Post-Offer Revision

Don’t think the hard work is done once you have received your Oxbridge or G5 offer in January. You still have 6 months of intense schoolwork before your exams.

Diagnose Weaknesses

Online 1:1 tuition is designed to support classroom learning, not replace it. Our tutors work with you to diagnose weaknesses before exams, and create a study plan to address weaknesses well before any exam.

Personalised Plan

Create a bespoke study plan designed to work at your pace and address your exact needs. Choose as many hours per week as you feel comfortable with, and increase or decrease as required as you approach the stressful exam period.

Typical Student Profile

Any student completing further education in any system is welcome to submit a request. With our wide range of exerienced tutors, we will do our best to match your exact requirements.

Who is this programme for?

  1. Any student studying A-Levels, IB, or any other education system across the world
  2. Any student needing addtional support beyond the classroom

Why should I take it?

  1. Don't miss the grades required for your offer!
  2. Even the most fantastic tutors can't dedicate as much 1:1 time as needed to address every student's individual weaknesses
  3. Go above and beyond the basic learning requirements

When should I take it?

Any time you wish. Some students begin with A-Level support as soon as they enter Year 12. Others prefer intensive last-minute revision crash-courses as they enter exam term.

Other relevant courses?

A-Level Boosters easily run alongside any other Leading Education programme, including university applications and critical academic skills.

Course Benefits

Unrivalled Expertise

Our courses were designed by educators who previously worked at the UK’s No.1 ranked school in terms of A-level results.

Practice Papers

Work through exam techniques and review as many past papers as possible with your tutor, designing the best route to achieving your required grades

Any Subject

The Leading Education academic team can provide support in all main subjects and exam boards.

Oxbridge Tutors

A-Level tutition is provided by the very same Oxbridge and G5 tutors who will guide you through university applications.

I took 40 hours of tuition for my A Levels in Economics and Business Studies. My tutors ensured that I was making maximum progress by setting a lot of homework between lessons, and I felt that I was making improvements every session. In the final exam I managed to achieve an A grade for both subjects. When I started, I was predicted a B for Business Studies and a C for Economics so I think that the tuition really helped me!

Designed by expert admissions

Our courses have been developed by our team of world-class educationalists, who have spent years studying the Oxbridge application process, led by CEO Kieran Hammond.

Ginny R

London School of Economics

Ana L

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

George A

Mathematics and Computer Science
Christ Church College, Oxford

Erind M

Trinity College, Cambridge

About Kieran Hammond

Kieran Hammond is the co-founder of Leading Education and holds a BA and MA (Cantab) from Cambridge University. Over the course of 10 years, he has been helped over 500 students with their Oxbridge/Medicine applications.

Kieran started his career as Head of University Applications at Cardiff Sixth Form College, which at the time had been the UK’s No.1 ranked school in terms of A*-A A-level results for 6 years running.