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As well as excelling in your chosen degree area, personal statement, admissions tests, and interview, you still need to secure the highest possible grades in exams

GCSE & IGCSE Booster

GCSE and IGCSE results are the first indication that universities have of your academic prowess. They are also often the first significant examination that most students undertake, which can create a massive amount of pressure across a large number of subjects.

Leading Education’s university application tutors are used for support at GCSE, ensuring the highest possible level of teaching across all exam boards and subjects.

A-Level Booster

After successfully navigating the world of university applications with Leading Education, the vast majority of students will receive a conditional offer which depends on A-Level grades. Ensure the best possible chance of success with additional online support from our Oxbridge tutors in any or all of your A-Level (or IB) exams as required.

This Booster tuition is different to the support beyond classroom learning that Knowledge Building offers, as it focuses specifically on school exams using past papers and precise curriculum content as well as exam technique.

EPQ Booster & Full Programme

The Extended Project Qualification is highly regarded by all top UK universities and is a great thing to include in your personal statement and teacher recommendation letters. It is a standalone project of either a long essay and a presentation, or an ‘artefact’ and accompanying essay.

Some schools already offer the EPQ. If your school does, Leading Education can arrange Booster Lessons as needed to support your project and offer guidance on the best outcome in your own time.

If your school does not offer the EPQ, Leading Education can offer the full project with a grade and official qualification awarded by our examiners. If you choose this, an EPQ with Leading Education can grant up to 28 UCAS points for your application.

Subject Revision with our Expert Oxbridge Tutors

Leading Education are renowned for our expertise in the UK university admissions process. However, the very same tutors who specialise in the detailed, university-level subject tuition also help students succeed with school examinations.

Just like our university admissions services, our academic team research every subject, exam board, and examination to help the tutors design the best possible programme for each student, whether this is extra support for their weakest subject or an additional boost to get ahead and achieve the very best possible marks.


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Unrivalled Subject Expertise

Structured Materials

Our academic team produce material for tutors across all exam boards and subjects, with careful research of past papers and common questions.

Bespoke Study Plan

Our expert Oxbridge and G5 tutors will also work with you on exam revision and the EPQ to design a unique study plan based around your strengths and weaknesses.

Flexible Schedules

Book as many or as few lessons as you need across any subjects. Work with our consultants to create a timetable that works for you.

Gain UCAS Points

If you choose to study the full EPQ with Leading Education, the qualification grants up to 28 additional UCAS points to count towards your application.

Our Tutors

Unlike other companies, 90% of our tutors have already graduated from Cambridge or Oxford, providing an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience.

Tommy P

Christ Church College, Oxford

Robert A

Economics and Management
Worcester College, Oxford

Priya S

St. Cross College, Oxford

Juliette P

Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Somerville College, Oxford

Success Story in Focus

Sylvia reapplied with Leading Education, having failed to get into Cambridge the first time around by herself. We devised a bespoke plan for her to target her weaknesses, focusing on NSAA Section 2 and applied Maths questions for her interview. We were delighted to hear in January 2020 that she had been accepted by Clare College for Natural Sciences!

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