Academic Skills &
Super-Curricular Support

As well as an impressive application and high grades, top universities are looking for well-rounded academic skills in students, as well as evidence of work beyond the classroom

Competition Support

Leading Education support many students in the preparation and delivery of academic competitions across a wide range of disciplines. Our expert tutors will have taken these exams before and achieved some of the highest grades, so you will receive the best possible support. Evidence of success in academic competitions is understandably regarded very highly by university admissions teams.

Previously, Leading Education have helped students prepare  – and succeed in – competitions including, but not limited to: debate championships; maths and science Olympiads; the World Scholar’s Cup; and other competitions.

Oxbridge Thinking

Throughout the admissions process, universities expect students to display agile and analytical thinking skills. These are not skills that are taught directly by schools, but at Leading Education we recognise the need to think critically and independently. It is a ‘soft skill’ which is absolutely vital to academic success, and it cannot be overlooked.

Studying Oxbridge level thinking skills with expert Leading Education tutors provides an academic foundation for success that underpins students’ work on their application and in the classroom. Developing these critical analysis skills will also give students a headstart when they arrive at university.

Wider Reading

Evidence of wider reading in your chosen subject should begin from Year 10 onwards, if not before, and this programme leads into the Knowledge Building module. By beginning to expand experience across one or more subjects at an early age, students can create a brilliant foundation for when the application cycle begins.

It is also suitable for students who have not yet decided which subject they want to study at university. Tutors can help students sample a range of wider reading across different disciplines, and different types of texts. Choose 2-3 subject areas in which to frame academic reading skills and this will help narrow the choice of subject at a later stage.


Highly personalized, evidence-based support

At Leading Education, we like to treat university applications as both an art and a science.

Academic Skills and Extra-Curricular activities are very much part of the ‘art’ of applications and university success. There is no hard and fast rule around whether success in an essay-writing competition will directly contribute to an offer. However, Leading Education know from years of research that displaying agile and critical academic analysis, combined with the willingness to study and seek out challenges beyond the classroom, is always well received by admissions departments and it will set students apart from others with the same school grades.


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since our inception in 2017.

Unrivalled Excellence in Developing Core Skills

Comprehensive Materials

Reading materials and tuition plans are created by the Leading Education academic team. Tutors specialising in your area or competition will adapt this material to create a personalised package.

Expert Tutors

The very same Oxbridge tutors who work with you on your application will support you in developing academic skills through wider reading and super-curricular activities.

Progress Meetings

A Senior Consultant with years of experience will personally oversee your application and regularly meet with you to ensure you are on track for success.

Tuition Reports

After each tuition session, you will receive a tuition report with a detailed analysis of your performance and suggestions for how to improve.

Our Tutors

Unlike other companies, 90% of our tutors have already graduated from Cambridge or Oxford, providing an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience.

Priya S

St. Cross College, Oxford

Juliette P

Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Somerville College, Oxford

Soraya G

Land Economy
Trinity Hall, Cambridge

James B

Oriel College, Oxford

Success Story in Focus

Sylvia reapplied with Leading Education, having failed to get into Cambridge the first time around by herself. We devised a bespoke plan for her to target her weaknesses, focusing on NSAA Section 2 and applied Maths questions for her interview. We were delighted to hear in January 2020 that she had been accepted by Clare College for Natural Sciences!

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