How do you monitor the quality of tuition?
Firstly, our recruitment process is selective, and it is very rare that the quality of lessons from any Leading Education tutor falls below the expected standards. To be doubly sure, our tuition team are available 7 days a week and in constant contact with tutors and students at all times. Leading Education are unlike many other online tutor companies because we employ a dedicated head office academic team, with specialists in the arts and humanities, as well as STEM. They work on all our syllabuses throughout the year, refreshing and updating with the most up-to-date knowledge in each subject area. We train our tutors and supply these syllabuses, with the expectation that they take the material and fine tune it to make sure it is perfectly suited to every individual student.

Do the lessons include homework and independent study?
Yes! Tutors can set as much homework as requested, and is suitable. We expect all Leading Education students to be self-motivated in working towards their goals, and we expect students to go away and work on important areas such as wide-ranging reading of texts in Knowledge Building, and producing multiple drafts of their Personal Statement before each session.

When will tuition take place?
Tutors are always as flexible as possible, and we try to arrange mutually convenient times for both the tutor and the student as much as we can. This often means evening and weekend time slots.
If you are based outside the UK time zone, please note that tutors are available between 07.00 and 22.00 UK time. This means that if you are based in China or SE Asia in particular, all tuition will likely take place in your evenings.

What if I don’t get an interview offer?
If you book and pay for Interview Preparation sessions, and unfortunately you are not invited to interview by any of your university choices, Leading Education will either refund this part of the booking, or you can use the cost against other programmes such as mentorship or A-Level revision to ensure you achieve your grades.

Do I get reports on every lesson?
Yes, you will be able to access a report on every lesson from your tutor. These reports are uploaded to our platform by the tutor and you can access them at any time.

How do I book a course?
Please contact us using the form on the website. One of our consultants will reach out to you and arrange the perfect package of programmes for you, based on your academic goals. We will create a full, tailored study plan for you. Our tuition team will then take you through your booking after we receive payment, and they will be your main point of contact throughout your lessons with Leading Education.

There are lots of companies offering online support. Why should I choose Leading Education?
Excellent question. A lot of online companies are still using the same methods and tutors as they were 30 years ago. University admissions are constantly changing, and Leading Education are always updating our processes and systems to ensure we have the most accurate and up-to-date information, based on actual data from admissions offices.   In short, the key reasons to book with Leading Education are:  
  • Only the best tutors – all tutors are from G5 backgrounds – the majority are Oxbridge – and unlike most other tutoring companies, the majority of our tutors have already graduated. We also only accept 12% of all applications because of our intensive recruitment policies.
  • We have a year-round academic team whose job is to produce guidelines and training for tutors. Most tutoring companies – even the expensive ones – simply recruit tutors and leave them to get on with it. Leading Education invest in our academic research to make sure tutors have access to the best materials and information.
  • Proven record – we have worked with 120 of the top 200 UK independent schools, including half of the top 10. Our Oxbridge success rate is 43% compared the average of 18%.
  • Finally, we are accessible and we care. The Hammond brothers founded the company to make sure as many students as possible received support with their applications, regardless of their background. We run an open access scheme for non-fee paying students in the UK, and in 2021, 55 of these students were accepted into Oxbridge.

How many lessons should I book?
The short answer is ‘as many as you want’! Lessons are booked in blocks of 5 hours, and this is the minimum length of any programme. We have recommended ‘typical’ hours for each programme. For example, most students book 20-30 hours of Knowledge Building, and 10 hours of Personal Statement. However, every student is different and our team will recommend the best package for you based on our experience and your current levels and interests. The price is reduced when you book more lessons at the same time, so we do recommend considering larger bookings to gain this discount rather than booking 5 lessons, and then another 5 etc.

Can I choose my tutor?
The Leading Education team will send you a tutor profile in a very detailed CV format. We select these tutors for you, and we don’t offer a choice between different tutors. However, you are welcome to request alternative options if you don’t like the CV you receive.