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Our personalised, 1:1 approach will enable you to create an application that truly reflects your uniqueness and demonstrates the independent thinking skills that Oxford and Cambridge are looking for.

Unrivalled Application Support

So much more than just tuition - every form of support that we provide has been carefully designed to maximise your chances of success!

Data driven

From reading lists to exemplar personal statements and admissions test practice papers; you will be provided with a wealth of resources to help build your application.

Central curriculum

A world expert will devise a tailored curriculum and self-study plan for you, informed by our experience helping thousands of students with their applications.

Selective recruitment

A Senior Consultant with years of experience will personally oversee your application and regularly meet with you to ensure you are on track for success.

Proven results

After each tuition session, you will receive a tuition report with a detailed analysis of your performance and suggestions for how to improve.

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How do we use data?

Oxbridge, Imperial and Medical school applications are very difficult to navigate; a lot of students rely too heavily on the less-informed “intuitions” of those advising them. At Leading Education, we spend an extraordinary amount of time sourcing and analysing data on every facet of an application to give our students the edge and ensure the precision of our advice is razor-sharp. Here are just some of the examples of how we use data:


Layla, a student at Dartford Grammar school, was given these analytics to gain a successful place to study history at Cambridge University in 2020.

Using information about her academic profile, we calculated which subject choice had the greatest likelihood of success for her Oxbridge application.

Based on the data from the 1000+ students we have helped, we showed Layla the correlation between the number of books she was reading and her likelihood of gaining an offer.

To ensure that she was on track, we charted Layla's admissions test scores over time and showed her how her progress compared to past offer-holders.

Cross-referencing admissions statistics and demographic information from FOI requests, we provided data analytics on how her choice of college would affect her likelihood of success.

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