GCSE Booster

GCSE grades (with AS Levels where relevant) are the most prominent set of academic data in your university application. Top universities assume top grades as a basic starting point, and Leading Education can make sure you achieve this

Top Oxbridge tutors to help maximise GCSE results

Our university application tutors are also available to help students with GCSE and IGCSE examinations. It is never too early to receive online academic support beyond your regular classroom lessons.

Leading Education’s GCSE and IGCSE Booster is available from the moment you start Year 10, or as a last-minute revision exercise. We can support students in all subjects across the majority of examination boards, and our Oxbridge application experts will diagnose your weaknesses and strengths in whichever subjects you choose. They will design a bespoke study plan to cover your weaknesses and help you achieve the best possible grades before you move to A-Levels or IB.

Bespoke study plan

Design a flexible study plan with your tutor after they diagnose your strengths and weaknesses.

Individual support

However great your teachers are, it is almost impossible for them to offer intensive 1:1 support for every student.

Any subject

Choose to study one subject you’re struggling with, or receive support across a number of subjects to boost overall grades

Not just GCSEs

Our tutors can also support with alternative exams to GCSEs, including the American system and local examinations outside of the UK

Typical Student Profile

Any student can receive support from Leading Education in any subject. You can even begin before GCSEs, and we have worked with students as young as 9 years old

Who is this programme for?

  1. Any student studying for GCSEs or IGCSEs
  2. Any student studying for alternative exams to the UK system

Why should I take it?

  1. Improve on areas of weaknesses
  2. Improve overall grades across a range of subjects
  3. Turn that B into an A*!

When should I take it?

Any time. Some students study with Leading Education across Year 10 and Year 11. Some choose an intensive programme with multiple hours per week as they enter exam term.

Other relevant courses?

If your GCSEs are successful, why not continue with Leading Education's A-Level support to ensure the same level of success?

Course Benefits

Improve Grades

On average, students studying with Leading Education improve their grades by 0.76 levels.

Exam Techniques

Learn how to best manage time pressure, and cope with an intense exam environment, possibly for the first time.

Diagnose Weaknesses

In the first session or two, tutors will diagnose strengths and weaknesses to build a relevant study plan to best help the student.

Expert Tutors

Study with the very same Oxbridge tutors who will help with your university applications in a couple of years!

My tutor discussed various maths and physics topics with me to enhance my understanding. By practising puzzles beyond the GCSE course, I gradually got comfortable with explaining my mental processes, and I surprisingly found my thinking pattern was changed throughout these sessions.

Designed by expert admissions

Our courses have been developed by our team of world-class educationalists, who have spent years studying the Oxbridge application process, led by CEO Kieran Hammond.

Ginny R

London School of Economics

Ana L

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

George A

Mathematics and Computer Science
Christ Church College, Oxford

Erind M

Trinity College, Cambridge

About Kieran Hammond

Kieran Hammond is the co-founder of Leading Education and holds a BA and MA (Cantab) from Cambridge University. Over the course of 10 years, he has been helped over 500 students with their Oxbridge/Medicine applications.

Kieran started his career as Head of University Applications at Cardiff Sixth Form College, which at the time had been the UK’s No.1 ranked school in terms of A*-A A-level results for 6 years running.